Planning your holiday on board of a sailing and motor yacht can seem complex. For this reason our team will be available to their clients to assist them in choosing the yacht for their charter, plan the itinerary and help them solve all the logistical aspects before, during and after their charter holiday. Our goal is to make this phase as simple and quick as possible to ensure the best experience on board for the guests.

Below is a simple guide of to the most important aspects for a yacht charter.

How long is it possible to charter a yacht?

The client can choose to rent a luxury yacht charter for as long as he wishes, of course based on the availability of the yacht itself. To enjoy maximum relaxation and have time to visit the most exclusive destinations, we recommend booking the yacht for a week or if possible for longer periods, but each yacht has different options. Some yachts are available for periods of less than a week, for daily charters, to host events on board such as business meetings, weddings, birthdays, etc.

Yacht charter conditions

There are different types of contracts based on the area in which the yacht charter takes place:

  • MYBA drafted and certified by the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association is the most important and most widespread contract in the luxury yacht charter sector. According to the MYBA contract that provides for the WMT (Western Mediterranean Terms), the cost of the charter includes: yacht rental, crew, crew salary and meals, on-board laundry, yacht insurance, and all the necessary equipment. The cost of the charter excludes: VAT (if due), the supplies, fuel (for the main engines, for the generator (s) and for the use of the water games equipment on board), berths in ports, expenses and port taxes, local taxes, personal communications, laundry for personal effects, delivery / redelivery costs of the yacht from its mooring port to the customer's preference base and all that is not provided for in the "prices include" item.
  • For yacht charter in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially in Greece and Turkey, the conditions called SEMT or EMT (Standard Eastern Mediterranean Termes) will be applied, which include in the cost of the charter: the rent of the yacht and its equipment, the crew, board 'crew, insurance, fuel for 4/5 hours of navigation per day, port charges and taxes (excluding the tax foreseen for the passage through the Corinth canal). In the charter price are not included: fuel for the yacht beyond 4/5 hours of navigation, fuel for the use of the equipment and water games provided on board, for the generator (s), supplies for guests, expenses are not included dockers in private marinas, costs for personal communications and laundry for personal effects.
  • The Caribbean Terms apply to the Caribbean which include in the cost of the rental: the chartering of the yacht and its equipment, crew, insurance, meals for guests and crew, the fuel for certain hours of navigation that are agreed between the parts and which vary from yacht to yacht. However, the following are excluded: drinks, laundry for personal effects, port charges and the costs for individual communications.
What does the charter price includes?

The cost for a luxury yacht charter includes: renting the yacht with its crew, the crew's salary, on-board service, insurance and all the necessary equipment.

The cost of the charter excludes: VAT (if due), supplies, fuel (for the main engines, for the generator and for the use of the water games equipment on board), moorings, local taxes, telephone communications , delivery / redelivery costs of the yacht from its mooring port to the customer's preference base, specific taxes provided for by the individual marinas and states.

The price for charter a luxury yacht is usually calculated per week. To know the cost for periods longer than a week, just divide the weekly cost by seven and multiply by the number of days more.

For rentals of less than a week, the weekly price must be divided by six and multiplied by the number of days of the rental. It is customary for the customer to embark at noon on the first day and disembark at noon on the last day, even if exceptions can be made for customer needs.

How to book a yacht

To research and guide the customer in choosing the perfect yacht for his cruise, it will be necessary for us to communicate as much details as possible regarding the type of yacht, the number of guests on board, the rental dates, the navigation area of interest and his approximate budget. At the beginning of his research, the customer can view the charter section of our website where he will find a large list of luxury yacht charters from 20 meters up, sailing and motor. Then based on his preferences and needs, he can identify one or more Yachts of interest and contact us directly or send us an email request or fill out the form you will find on the website with all his data and contact informations.

We will send to the client, as soon as possible, all the informations and proposals needed to  choose the ideal yacht: brochures, photos and detailed data sheets of the yachts, crew profiles, recommended itineraries and any references.

Contract and payments

Once the yacht has been chosen, the client will receive the contract to be signed: the contract includes terms and conditions of the charter, obligations and rights of each party.

For the purpose of confirming the booking, the client must pay an advance of 50% of the charter cost. The balance of 50% of the charter price plus APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) plus VAT (if due) plus any additional agreed costs (such as the delivery and redelivery costs of the yacht from its base of embarkation to the port requested by the customer, etc) must take place one month before the embarkation date.

What’s APA?

The APA is the Advance Provisioning fund that normally corresponds to 30-35% of the charter cost which is used to cover out the expenses during the charter holiday such as fuel, port taxes, galley expenses, etc. The APA is sent to the captain in a special account and he will inform and report to the client about the expenses made with the Apa fund by showing him the relative receipts. If the expenses incurred during the cruise are less than the APA fund paid, the difference will be refunded to the client at the end of the charter. If, however, the expenses incurred exceed the APA amount paid, the client will have to pay the difference before disembarking.

Preference list

Many weeks before the charter begins, we will send to the client the Preference List, which is a form that the client and his guests will have to fill in indicating the preferences regarding food, drinks, wines they want  to find on board, regarding the type of cuisine preferred by all guests on board, any intolerances, allergies and medical conditions.

In the preference list, the client will also be able to indicate his preferences regarding music, entertainment, personal interests, sports and if he wants to celebrate on board a particular event during the cruise.

Subsequently we will send the preference list to the captain and his crew who will proceed to supply and prepare the yacht according to the client's requests.

Furthermore, you will be asked to fill in, always in the preference list, a crewlist with all the names, nationality and passport numbers of all the guests on board. This will allow us to check and resolve before the charter begins any unexpected events with the laws and visa release in some countries.

It is important to fill in the preference list all details to allow us, but above all the crew, to organize and let the clients spend an unforgettable holiday.


The tip for the crew is not mandatory but at the discretion of the client and his guests. It is customary to leave, as a tip around 10-15% of the charter price, provided that the clients are satisfied and happy with the crew, their work and the service received on board.

Extra info

Smoking on board: In most of the yachts for charter, smoking is not allowed on board, even if this condition tends to vary from yacht to yacht, at the owner's discretion, therefore the client can make a specific request to his charter broker. For safety reasons, smoking is prohibited in the cabins of all yachts.

How many guests can get on board: the number of guests on board depends on the size of the yacht and the number of cabins on board. In most yachts, the maximum number of guests on board and during navigation, required by law, is 12. In the event that the customer needs a luxury yacht charter that can accommodate a greater number of guests both at anchor and while sailing you can request it to your charter broker who will propose a list of specific yachts.

Use of water toys: In most countries, a license or a specific license and even a minimum age is required for the use of water toys such as jet skis, wave runners, etc. A PADI license or equivalent is required for the use of scuba diving equipment. If the client does not have one, we will make sure to find an instructor for the cruise period.

The above informations need to be considered as a simple schematic guide to the booking process of a yacht charter; are in no way intended to replace the direct assistance, advice and personal relationship that our Charter Brokers will be happy to provide you

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